Taupe Swiss Dot Tulle (larger dots)

Type: Swiss Dot

This "larger" Swiss Dot s not only incredibly soft, it has a wonderful vintage look and feel. It is a dream to sew, crating perfect gathers and just the right amount of fullness to make the prettiest of dresses. Please make sure to see the measurements in the remixing description, as these dot are larger than it's "egg-like" counterpart.

Fabric Content: 100%polyester - Width: 58-60" - Hand wash (or machine wash on delicate) in cold water, lay flat to dry.  Do NOT iron.  Dot size- 1/4"    .63cm       

Crayola Crayon Color Reference: Almond

Please be mindful that the tulle was often used in multiple layers or as an overly to a woven or knit skirt of a similar or different color. This can cause the shade to look a bit lighter or darker than it truly is.

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