Peach Blush Swiss Dot Tulle

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Type: Swiss Dot

Don't let this smaller, rounded diamond shape fool you. It may be little, but it always proves to be a showstopper. It is luxuriously soft and can make any dress appear as if it's floating on clouds. Please make sure to see the measurements in the photo and remixing description, as these dots are smaller and more diamond shaped than it's larger, circular counterpart.

Fabric Content: 100%polyester                                                                                                            Width: 58-60"                                                                                                         Sold by-the yard                                                                                                    Hand wash (or machine wash on delicate) in cold water, lay flat to dry                   Do NOT iron 

Please be mindful that the tulle was often used in multiple layers or as an overly to a woven or knit skirt of a similar or different color. This can cause the shade to look a bit lighter or darker than it truly is.

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