*******IMPORTANT INFO********PLEASE READ********

Seriously. Read this.


-I have changed the wording from "pre-order" to "pre-sale". The ordering process has always been different than typical pre-orders (because the fabric has already been made and there is potential to sell out). I also have the fabric in hand, so the TAT is much shorter than a typical pre-order, but due to the tremendous influx or orders during a pre-sale week, it is impossible for me to get orders out within a normal retail time. This won't affect any of you, I just wanted you all to know the reason for the name change!

-Remember! Many colors will probably sell out! Order early to ensure you get what you want!

-TAT is 10-14 business days(once PRE-SALE has closed). I am going to start cutting right away. I know many people want colors for Halloween orders, so I will try and start getting orders out as soon as the pre-sale closes!!

-Lay-Buy or Sezzle can be used

-Yes. I will combine shipping!

-I bulk print labels. Your package may sit in "limbo" for up to a week before it moves. I know, I know. It is evil for me to do, but it is really helpful for me to print this way.

-IMPORTANT!!!!! Additional shipping charges may be invoiced. This mostly applies to very large orders. It is really difficult to calculate the cost of shipping in advance, but I always do my best to give you the best pricing (while not completely squishy your tulle). And as always, I refund any overages over $1.00.

-All of this info will be posted on the FAQ page on the website. You MUST agree to these terms before checking out. I will NOT answer e-mails asking if I will combine shipping or where an order is (if it is still within this time-frame). Or why a label has been sitting in pre-shipment.


Width: typically 58-60" (please see individual pictures)

Care: Wash in cold water, on delicate. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron (unless stated otherwise).

Flaws: In the custom printing process, flaws are bound to happen. I do my best to look over the fabric while cutting, but it is possible for me to miss something. Discounts WILL NOT be given for flaws smaller than a quarter or within 6 inches of the selvage.  If you receive fabric with a flaw larger than a quarter or greater than 6 inches from the selvage, please contact me at customerservice@fancypantsfabrics.com I will either discount your yardage or accept the fabric back for a refund.  This must be done within five (5) days of receipt of fabric.  This rule also applies to incorrect orders  if you received the wrong thing or you have been shorted, I will gladly fix it. Again, you must contact me within five (5) days of receipt of fabric  

Pre-Booking/Pre-orders: Please see individual photos for how long each order will take to be produced and sent to me.  

Lay-Buy: You can fins the full on information on Lay-Buy here: www.lay-buys.com In short, you will pay 50% down. Then, 4 weeks later, you will automatically be charged the remaining 50% along with a 1.9% fee (this fee is collected by the service, not me). DO NOT use Lay-Buy for retail orders. YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELED.

Shipping: Please see top of page for current retail processing and shipping times.  Please note, shipping costs can be a bit tricky with tulle. Sometimes the shipping cost ends up being more than what is necessary. Any shipping overages over $1 will be refunded. Multiple orders CANNOT be combined (unless shipping internationally). 

Refunds: ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Exchanges or refunds will only be given in the event of a flaw(s) (that meets the criteria above). 

Fancy Pants Rewards: For every $1 you spend, you earn 1 point. Once you reach 100 points, you will receive a 10% off coupon towards your next order. Coupons and other discounts cannot be combined. You MUST create an account to get your rewards.

If you are ever unhappy or concerned about something, please email me. I can't help if I don't  know something is wrong. I am very easy to work with and want you to be happy! 


Email me at: customerservice@fancypantsfabrics.com