About Us

Once there was a girl, who could never seem to find the tulle she was looking for. Sure, she managed to pick up some cute things here-and-there, but she dreamed of a world where she would be surrounded by piles and piles of colorful, sequin-adorned mesh and tulle as fluffy and soft as a bunny's cottonball tail. 

This girl also dreamed of a place where she could find said tulles without having to visit a dozen different stores (and collect just as many coupons) to find a reasonable price, quality fabric, and awesome customer service.

The day-dreaming girl decided it was time to take action. No longer would she or any other seamstress suffer from the lack of choices other stores offered. Thus, Fancy Pants Fabrics was born! And from that day on, she promised to offer beautiful tulle and mesh to all the fabric hoarders of the world!